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A Journey to Start a Family with the Support of T-Shirts

Angie and Vernon and I decided to take the next step in our journey to start a family. We have contracted IVFMD out of Naples, Florida to help us with that. While the doctors say we are both healthy, they cannot explain the unusual circumstances we have lived the last 4 years and three losses….

How the Ward Family Found Support for their Adoption

Grant and Jana launched an adoption fundraiser through Bonfire to help support their adoption from India. While they already had three amazing children, they always knew that they wanted adoption to be a part of their story as a family.

Shirts for Keeley and Kambry

Early in the pregnancy, Keeley James and Kambry Lee (Mo/Di aka identical twins) who were diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. 18 weeks into the pregnancy, their mother successfully had surgery to correct the condition. They were however born 4 weeks later at 22 weeks and 1 day gestation. By the time they were…

How Back2Back Ministries is providing Holistic Care to Orphaned Children

There are an estimated 163,000,000 orphaned and vulnerable children in the world today. Back2Back Ministries exists to love and provide holistic care for the children they serve internationally in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Mexico, Nigeria, and the U.S. Back2Back’s story began in Monterrey, MX in 1997, and since then has grown to include eight…

How Coffee & Hiking Inspired This Couple’s Adoption Shirt

Since we started dating, we have wanted to adopt. In fact, we decided that adoption was our preferred way of starting a family, rather than the traditional biological route. There are already a lot of kids out there. The world doesn’t need more tiny James and Haleys running around: it needs more people to step…