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Family Farm Transforms into Bee Sanctuary

Amber R. and Alicia B., of Wild Harvest Honey Farm are working to save the bees any way they can. They’ve been in the process of transforming their family farm into a sanctuary for bees. This farmland has been a part of their family’s story for five generations. Why do Amber and Alicia care about…

Celebrating over 850 Rescued Animals

Brown Dog Coalition and Rescue, of Hopkinton, MA is a foster-based animal rescue. They work to help find homes and stray animals new forever homes. This year they are celebrating 3 years as a rescue. In that time, they’ve saved and rehomed over 850 animals. This rescue is 100% volunteer run, with no paid staff….

A Rescue Goat Finds Her Voice

Susan Klingenberg started Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary (LBFS) in 2018 to be a home for abandoned and rescued farm animals of all shapes and sizes. One of the first animals Susan rescued was a little goat named Hopie. When Hopie came into Susan’s care, she could not walk and had no voice. But Susan saw…

How a Squirrel Helped Establish a Wildlife Rescue & Rehab

I found a baby squirrel 3 years ago and realized there was a lack of resources in place to help injured wildlife. I founded a nonprofit called Wild Souls Wildlife Rescue and Rehab. We are now 1 of 4 in the all of Missouri that rescues wildlife. There is very little funding for wildlife rehabilitation….

How Yogi Bear’s Medical Journey Has Helped Others In Need

When Yogi Bear was 4 months old he contracted bacterial meningitis. No one thought he’d survive, but he did. Yogi had to re-learn how to walk and have a very difficult recovery. The whole ordeal was extremely difficult and expensive for our family. We had so many people asking to give us money because Yogi…

Helping Animals In Need Through T-Shirt Fundraisers

Kelsey volunteers with a small local animal rescue in North Carolina called Lending Paws a Hand and they’re making a BIG impact in their community. Together, they have helped save at-risk animals at the Lee County Animal Shelter. This shelter only has 16 kennels for adoption, so animals are constantly in need. All of the…

Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary

I am starting a small pig sanctuary. Wow, there it is…a dream come true. I have been a volunteer, then a full-time caregiver and volunteer coordinator at a farm sanctuary since 2014.

How Albert the Dog Inspired a Shirt & the Lives of Two People

In 2014, a simple crossing of paths, started our founders on a path of fostering dogs. Two years later, and after opening their home to a multitude of dogs, their lives changed forever. On a day that started like any other, a little senior dachshund inadvertently ended up on transport with no destination. For two…