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Helping Animals In Need Through T-Shirt Fundraisers

Kelsey volunteers with a small local animal rescue in North Carolina called Lending Paws a Hand and they’re making a BIG impact in their community. Together, they have helped save at-risk animals at the Lee County Animal Shelter. This shelter only has 16 kennels for adoption, so animals are constantly in need. All of the…

Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary

I am starting a small pig sanctuary. Wow, there it is…a dream come true. I have been a volunteer, then a full-time caregiver and volunteer coordinator at a farm sanctuary since 2014.

How Albert the Dog Inspired a Shirt & the Lives of Two People

In 2014, a simple crossing of paths, started our founders on a path of fostering dogs. Two years later, and after opening their home to a multitude of dogs, their lives changed forever. On a day that started like any other, a little senior dachshund inadvertently ended up on transport with no destination. For two…