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Bottomless Brunch, Anyone?

Trevor Grimes created an online store of shirts on Bonfire to show off his creativity and branding expertise, and to celebrate brunch, because brunch is worth celebrating, especially when it’s bottomless. But Trevor’s store isn’t limited to our favorite weekend meal. He also designed this lovely Explore shirt. Proceeds from the shirts Trevor creates help…

Rescuing Pugs from Korea

Pug Rescue of Korea (PRK) exists for the sole purpose of finding permanent homes for rescued pugs in Korea. While every attempt is made to keep the pugs in their country of origin, their re-home rate in Korea is very low. In these instances, the pugs are then flown to Los Angeles, California to find forever homes. Many…

Blind, Beloved Dog Raises Awareness of Dogs in Need

Sweet little Puddin arrived to the SPCA of Texas with severely infected eyes at 5 to 6 weeks old. She was immediately taken to the vet and it was determined her eyes were causing her a great deal of pain and the infection was so severe it left her completely blind. With her quality of life…

Celebrating over 850 Rescued Animals

Brown Dog Coalition and Rescue, of Hopkinton, MA is a foster-based animal rescue. They work to help find homes and stray animals new forever homes. This year they are celebrating 3 years as a rescue. In that time, they’ve saved and rehomed over 850 animals. This rescue is 100% volunteer run, with no paid staff….

A Rescue Goat Finds Her Voice

Susan Klingenberg started Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary (LBFS) in 2018 to be a home for abandoned and rescued farm animals of all shapes and sizes. One of the first animals Susan rescued was a little goat named Hopie. When Hopie came into Susan’s care, she could not walk and had no voice. But Susan saw…

How a Squirrel Helped Establish a Wildlife Rescue & Rehab

I found a baby squirrel 3 years ago and realized there was a lack of resources in place to help injured wildlife. I founded a nonprofit called Wild Souls Wildlife Rescue and Rehab. We are now 1 of 4 in the all of Missouri that rescues wildlife. There is very little funding for wildlife rehabilitation….

Helping Animals In Need Through T-Shirt Fundraisers

Kelsey volunteers with a small local animal rescue in North Carolina called Lending Paws a Hand and they’re making a BIG impact in their community. Together, they have helped save at-risk animals at the Lee County Animal Shelter. This shelter only has 16 kennels for adoption, so animals are constantly in need. All of the…

Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary

I am starting a small pig sanctuary. Wow, there it is…a dream come true. I have been a volunteer, then a full-time caregiver and volunteer coordinator at a farm sanctuary since 2014.