Audrey’s Crew

Audrey’s Crew

Audrey is a wife, a mother of 3 kids, and a hard-working salon owner, hairstylist and makeup artist. She was diagnosed with a rare form of Papillary Breast Cancer that only 2% of women get. Thankfully, it was discovered early and she was able to remove it before it began to spread. With 6 months to a year of recovery post-surgery, Audrey would be out of work while the medical bills continued to add up.

Family and friends all over the states and in England wanted to help support her on this journey.

“My head was spinning. Hard to imagine your life changing so quickly without your control or consent right? It was hard for me as well.”

-Audrey Young
Audrey’s daughter showing support by rocking her sweatshirt.

They needed a way to raise funds that was easy and stress-free, as they had enough on their plate, and that’s where Bonfire came in! Once they created their t-shirt design, we took care of the the printing, processing, and shipping

In one of the most challenging times of Audrey’s life, she was able to find the support that she needed. She saw her community come together to form “Audrey’s Crew” while raising money to help with her medical costs.