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Celebrating over 850 Rescued Animals

Brown Dog Coalition and Rescue, of Hopkinton, MA is a foster-based animal rescue. They work to help find homes and stray animals new forever homes. This year they are celebrating 3 years as a rescue. In that time, they’ve saved and rehomed over 850 animals. This rescue is 100% volunteer run, with no paid staff….

Women Supporting Women with IBD

Thousands of women around the world live with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, or IBD. Girls With Guts was founded to support and empower women with IBD (Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis) and/or ostomies to ensure that women never feel isolated by their diagnosis. They offer a variety of programs like retreats, pen pal program, and even…

How After Hours Ministry is Helping Women in Los Angeles

After Hours Ministry is a faith-based nonprofit that does street outreach to women who are sexually exploited through street prostitution in Los Angeles every Friday night. We made shirts to remind our team and supporters that our mission is to Love Until the Last Lock Breaks, to bring God’s unconditional love to sexually exploited women….

How a Squirrel Helped Establish a Wildlife Rescue & Rehab

I found a baby squirrel 3 years ago and realized there was a lack of resources in place to help injured wildlife. I founded a nonprofit called Wild Souls Wildlife Rescue and Rehab. We are now 1 of 4 in the all of Missouri that rescues wildlife. There is very little funding for wildlife rehabilitation….

Helping Animals In Need Through T-Shirt Fundraisers

Kelsey volunteers with a small local animal rescue in North Carolina called Lending Paws a Hand and they’re making a BIG impact in their community. Together, they have helped save at-risk animals at the Lee County Animal Shelter. This shelter only has 16 kennels for adoption, so animals are constantly in need. All of the…

Blood + Sweat + Chemo

My husband is an 8-year survivor of testicular cancer. During his treatment (multiple rounds of chemo), he rode his bike everyday and started the nonprofit, Blood + Sweat + Chemo, to help raise money for The LiveStrong Foundation. Now, 8 years later, we are raising money again. This time for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society….

How Back2Back Ministries is providing Holistic Care to Orphaned Children

There are an estimated 163,000,000 orphaned and vulnerable children in the world today. Back2Back Ministries exists to love and provide holistic care for the children they serve internationally in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Mexico, Nigeria, and the U.S. Back2Back’s story began in Monterrey, MX in 1997, and since then has grown to include eight…

Using Shirts to Spread Love to Those Who Need it the Most

These shirts were designed (and hand-drawn) by rural artist, Melinda Ewbank, for the Discovering Gender Project. Discovering Gender is a non-profit photojournalism venture with an altruistic heart. We use photography and storytelling to promote love, acceptance, and inclusion for everyone. Toward that end, we located three homeless shelters that provide services for LGBTQIA+ people and…

Cheyenne’s Journey to Help Expecting Parents Access Birth Support

I’m Cheyenne and I’m a birth and postpartum doula in Richmond, VA. The vast majority of my doula clients desire access to support before, during, and after childbirth, but can’t afford to pay $800+ at this time in their lives, so I’m always looking for creative and effective ways to provide families support and still…

iWrite Creates T-Shirts to Inspire Kids to Write

We created shirts with Bonfire to raise awareness about our nonprofit’s mission—specifically with a younger audience. The proceeds from our campaign covered printing expenses for our “i” The Guy (our cartoon mascot) writing program. The iWRITE Literacy Organization is a Houston based non-profit committed to inspiring kids to write their own stories while providing professional…