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Little Boy Bru Lives His Best Life After Being Rescued

In 2016, Brutus was a stray American Bully found with three gunshot wounds to the head. He was rescued by Second Chance Rescue NYC who funded his life-saving surgery and rehabilitation. He spent 6 months in foster care, where he recuperated from heartworm and malnutrition, in addition to his wounds. Without this rescue and their…

The Power of a Fan Base

Drake White, a rising country singer/songwriter, is a very down-to-earth performer. He is always talking with his fans and holding intimate meet and greets, and creating tons of friendships along the way. Drake has a very tight-knit fan club called Firestarters, filled with amazing people from all over the United States and Europe. They often…

Celebrating Over 100 Years of a Family Business in Chinatown

Established in 1891, Quong Yuen Shing was a business and cultural institution of New York City’s Chinatown. It sold everything from restaurant and laundry supplies, to silks and satins, to medicinal and dry goods, even becoming a wholesaler and distributor to the U.S. and overseas. The store also served as a post office for the men who…

How this 6 Year Old is Addressing Homelessness

These shirts were designed by Porter Haupt, a 6-year-old who is passionate about addressing homelessness in her hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY. She has raised more than $2000 in the past year toward homeless services. With the help of her parents, Porter launched a t-shirt fundraiser and raised $356 to help her spread her message….

Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary

I am starting a small pig sanctuary. Wow, there it is…a dream come true. I have been a volunteer, then a full-time caregiver and volunteer coordinator at a farm sanctuary since 2014.