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Celebrating over 850 Rescued Animals

Brown Dog Coalition and Rescue, of Hopkinton, MA is a foster-based animal rescue. They work to help find homes and stray animals new forever homes. This year they are celebrating 3 years as a rescue. In that time, they’ve saved and rehomed over 850 animals. This rescue is 100% volunteer run, with no paid staff….

Messages Written on Rocks Inspire Kindness

Megan Murphy started The Kindness Rocks Project after her personal hobby of painting inspirational messages on rocks went viral on social media. This hobby quickly turned from a personal project into a community initiative. The belief of The Kindness Rocks Project is that “one message at just the right moment can change someone’s day, outlook,…

College Students Fight for Clarity About Sexual & Domestic Violence

Did you know that in most states, when a student is convicted of sexual misconduct and dismissed from their college or university, there is little to no indication on their transcript as to why they were dismissed? At some institutions, a small asterisk acts as a catch-all notation to symbolize that the student has been dismissed, but…