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Tasha’s Mission Trip

In March, Tasha will be leaving for five months and going to YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Orlando, FL! For the first three months, she will be training and taking classes on the YWAM campus. The last two months of her journey will be spent Tasha doing outreach in either the Caribbean, South Africa,…

Young Professionals Give Back to Their Community, Together

Give Back Jax is a group of service-hearted locals living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida who want to make a difference in their community in a social and fun way. They meet monthly for social activities to network, share ideas, and raise money for local charities. The group created these Give Back Jax logo tees to…

A Journey to Start a Family with the Support of T-Shirts

Angie and Vernon and I decided to take the next step in our journey to start a family. We have contracted IVFMD out of Naples, Florida to help us with that. While the doctors say we are both healthy, they cannot explain the unusual circumstances we have lived the last 4 years and three losses….