Delivering Hope Through Shirts

Delivering Hope Through Shirts

A story written by Em Burns, a NEDA + ANAD recovery advocate:

“Over 30 million Americans struggle with an eating disorder at some point in their lives. Despite their prevalence, eating disorders receive significantly less funding than other major mental illnesses, and support options are often inaccessible. The media’s portrayal of eating disorders is often deeply unreliable and inaccurate. People of all intersections can be susceptible to an eating disorder.

I’ve been very privileged to have the right resources and support in my own eating disorder recovery. This is why I feel so passionately that the last thing anyone needs while going through the intense process of recovering is to live in fear of losing insurance coverage at their next review, or not being able to find the level of care they need at all.

Too many people are left feeling helpless, hopeless, and frightened at a time when they deserve to feel safe, supported, and hopeful – this is why I’m participating in the 2020 Midwest National Eating Disorders (NEDA) Walk with a goal of raising at least $1000. NEDA envisions a world without eating disorders and supports individuals and families affected by them. It often serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care.

I chose to sell shirts and sweatshirts through Bonfire because it is my personal mission to spread the word that all people are worthy of recovery. I used NEDA’s well-known logo, which is often used as a symbol of hope in recovery, as the O in worthy in my design.”