Better Together

Better Together

A couple of years ago, Claire Netemeyer became friends with Hannah through an organization on her college campus. Both Hannah and Claire loved this organization a lot until they started discriminating against Hannah due to her disability. There was a policy in place that prevented her from coming to the events.

“If anyone taught me anything about inclusion – it’s my friend Hannah. Hannah has Down Syndrome and is one of the most influential women I have ever met. She has a loud, bold, and beautiful voice for inclusion.”
– Claire Netemeyer

Here’s a bit from Claire herself:

“Together, Hannah and I were able to reverse the policy, and she was able to continue coming. Hannah is very passionate about inclusion, and she has taught so much about being a friend and advocate. Hannah nominated me to participate in a fundraiser for Best Buddies, an organization that advocates for inclusion and equal opportunity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. My talented friend Maddie and I worked on these shirts with the goal of selling them to raise awareness and funds for inclusion. Bonfire has brought this vision to life, and I’m forever grateful for that.”

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Claire’s friend Madeline Wiggins designed these shirts for the cause. When someone sees the shirt, Claire’s hope is that it sparks a conversation about the necessity of inclusion and diversity.

At the time of writing this story, Claire has raised almost $1,000 for Best Buddies.