A Voice For The Voiceless

A Voice For The Voiceless

A story written by Maggie Seibert, a Christian Blogger.

“The Made Worthy campaign comes from a place of looking over the landscape of 2020 and saying “it may be too big a task, but we have to do something.”

After hearing the insanity of the statistics behind children who become vulnerable to human trafficking through things as sacred as familial relationships and other avenues as common as social media and technology, I was blown away and terrified. After being led to start my blog, Scouting Grace, I knew that taking part in an online community didn’t mean only sharing coffee pictures and talking about what I was learning in the Bible, as a faith and lifestyle blog, but seeing the commands of Scripture in action by the work the Lord was doing in my life and the lives of those who I share the community with. After feeling the burden to step into anti-trafficking in some way, it was time to figure out how to help.

The Bonfire website became a resource to me after I saw the Here and Now blog launch a similar campaign as a fundraiser. “What a great idea,” I pondered to myself as the gears started turning on how Bonfire could help our community make a difference. After I told one of my friends my idea, she left a sticky note on my desk at work, furthering the gear turning, “Your shirts should say Made Worthy on them.” Boom, the idea became reality.

Bonfire had so many resources on how to design shirts. Briana, from the Bonfire team, followed up with me repeatedly, always friendly, making sure I knew I had help from the Bonfire team when I needed it. I stumbled upon my shirt design when I got an email from Bonfire of examples. The gears, continually turning, were inspired by all the creators before me.

I settled on a design with the phrase “Made Worthy” proudly encompassing the entire shirt. Scripture speaks so beautifully of how human life is created. It’s deeply encouraging honestly. Humans were made in God’s image. Then the Bible goes on to talk about how Jesus died for us. It’s insane. Jesus was the kindest person to ever live and He never did anything wrong, ever. He was fully man and fully God. Knowing He died for me changes everything. We are given the privilege of living, having sustaining breath, and we are provided the legit opportunity to trust in Christ. We were made worthy of the life allotted to us. Which is why human life is so valuable and why this t-shirt campaign is so important.

If we have the opportunity to stand up for the vulnerable and for those without a voice, we need to take it. Two of my friends work for a local, Christian non-profit called One More Child. One More Child does amazing work in ministries like fostering and adoption, child hunger, anti-trafficking, and more. They are a boots on the ground organization who are committed to bringing hope to hurting children. Donating all the proceeds from each shirt sold in the Made Worthy Campaign is a no-brainer for me.”

At the time of publishing this story, Maggie’s campaign has sold over 70 shirts and raise almost $500.