Small Business Story: A Jar of Pickles

Small Business Story: A Jar of Pickles

When Kirstie Wang was in college enrolled in public health classes, she caught herself teaching herself Photoshop and Illustrator rather than focusing in class. She began a simple Etsy shop during this time to satisfy her creative side, but she didn’t stop there. Kirstie has pursued a career as a designer, and also dedicated herself to her small business, A Jar of Pickles.

Kirstie’s best friend requested her to make a toilet paper enamel pin in 2019. As COVID-19 began to unfold, there became a huge spike in the toilet paper pins, purchasing packs of 10 or 20! This is when Kirstie realized that her work was the perfect, light-heartedness that the world needed during this crazy time.

“Customers and my husband gave me the idea to start a line specifically for COVID-19 “inspired” products, and while I loved the idea, I wanted to have the exclusive products give back during this time of undeniable, unbelievable crisis. 100% of the profits from these products are donated to Direct Relief.”

– Kirstie Wang

Her campaign, Pickles COVID Fundraiser, hit its fundraising goal in less than 60 hours, and has been able to donate more than $1,000 the Direct Relief charity.