Raising Ralph Foundation: Being a Voice for Those Who Can’t

Raising Ralph Foundation: Being a Voice for Those Who Can’t

Tiffany Simon was writing a blog post about raising a son on the autism spectrum and decided she wanted to do more for her community. She created an online merch store on Bonfire to advocate for autism awareness and acceptance while donating the profits to public school autism programs that support their mission.

Tiffany says, “My designs shine a light on autism. When we wear our shirts within our community it sparks conversation about autism. Autism affects the lives of so many people but at times people are hesitant to discuss it. Our designs are unique just like the community we advocate for.”

“Bonfire gives us the ability to give a voice and attention for a community that cannot for themselves.”

-Tiffany Simon

The fundraising and advocacy programs grew and grew ultimately leading Tiffany to start her own 501c3 called Raising Ralph Foundation. Their mission is to provide support to parents and caregivers who are caring for a child on the autism spectrum. Throughout the year they’ll host fairs, informational sessions, and special fundraising events to raise money for public school autism programs and to bring further awareness about autism to the community.

At the time of this story, Tiffany and Raising Ralph Foundation have raised over $1,300 by selling almost 200 products.