Minnesota Unlimited

Minnesota Unlimited

Jon and his wife recently brought their first child into the world, and continuously think about how they want their daughter to enjoy the parks, wilderness, and nature for years to come. When the government shutdown in 2018, there were multiple reports of mistreatment of our National & State Parks. This brought upon the slogan: Discover-Observe-Experience-Preserve, which led them to create ‘Minnesota Unlimited’.

The whole idea for Minnesota Unlimited stemmed from his love for MN, the wilderness, the north shore – and his want and need to help preserve the land. Being up north, away from the cities, Jon cherishes the land. It reminds him of being a kid – camping, hiking, fishing, exploring.

“We need to hold ourselves accountable. Pick up your garbage. Leave no trace. Minnesota Parks should be cherished and experienced, not trampled and neglected. Our parks should be safe from mistreatment and cruelty. Why destroy something beautiful? If everyone does their part, we can make a difference”.

Jon from Minnesota Unlimited

Jon plans to create t-shirt designs for all 50 states to raise awareness for land preservation and anti-littering.